Diligent board portal

Diligent Board Portal: Security and Features Overview

When you come to a mall, you have a huge choice: something from a new collection, something at a discount, something with defects, but at a discounted price, and only you decide what suits your taste, capabilities, and requirements, the same happens when you want to buy board portals services, because their market is incredibly large, and the offer is very diverse. In this article, we will take a detailed look at one of the most well-known solutions, the Diligent board portal, and its main features.

Diligent Board Portal – basic features

Diligent Board Portal, founded in 1998, is a fairly large-scale developer, which provides its services to almost every business sector, including non-profit, as well as government organizations. The portal provides board members with advanced methods for integrating and managing preparation and meetings, in compliance with all requirements and centralized risk management.

The developer’s arsenal includes all the tools needed to digitize documents, simplify meetings, conduct votes and do collaborative work. The program also facilitates auditing and management data review.  The system provides a robust workflow for board books, including automatic notifications for internal review and a multi-step approval process that allows directors to add notes on what needs to be changed for approval. The iPad and Windows apps for this system are easy to use and intuitive, with a modern interface, and the online version has clear and intuitive notations, but the interface itself, which is similar in design to a physical notepad, is simple but outdated.

Diligent BoardBooks main features

Numerous positive customer reviews prove that the Diligent Board Portal is the right solution for modern companies in almost every way.  Secure and easy data sharing, secure free action space, and other useful features are the main reasons why the provider is so valued on the market. Below we have highlighted the main distinguishing features of the Diligent provider:

  • Easy to use

Board members: The tablet interface for the system is well-designed and easy to use. Navigation and menu items are prominently placed, intuitively labeled, and large enough to be used effectively on a touch screen. The annotation and navigation buttons within the document are prominently placed and intuitively labeled with graphic icons. The system’s web interface is simple but looks outdated, but the navigation and menu items are prominently located and intuitive.

  • Security

The developer uses security best practices, such as dual authentication to protect logins, advanced encryption features, password setting for individual folders, and detailed permissions, to control the level of privacy and user authority. In addition, the space is certified to the best SOC 1 and 2 security standard.

  • Simplicity and Accessibility

The Diligent whiteboard portal can be accessed anywhere and from any device. The provider offers an app for all operating systems except cell phones, for which no app is provided, but you can still log in through your browser. For other types of devices, however, the interface space is the same as on tablets.

  • Extended tools

Diligent offers enhanced communication and collaboration by providing tools for formal voting and informal polling, which can also be anonymous. Share annotations, leave your annotations in a document, or access the “notes view” to view all existing notes.

  • Calendar Management

The program offers board members a calendar view of all upcoming grant and committee meetings. By default, users only see events assigned to groups to which they belong. Users cannot view other users’ calendars.